Harmeet Sidhu

Punjabi Media (Jagbani)

Posted on: February 4, 2011

I was checking the online newpapers today and link came out for jagbani, (dated 4th feb 2011), firstly i thought like some add, but when i checked the line below, it was so shameful that these stupid newspapers are doing such things for becoming more popular in the people (online), the main flashing news in a online punjabi newspaper is that britney is doing this and that and second one under the title ‘smile please’ (it’s better to leave what is in it), you can check it in the images below. :(  Punjabi Media had gone to so cheap level, u can’t judge now what more they will do. Shame on you – Jagbani.

Where Punjab is going today and what these stupid newspapers are flashing on front pages (online).

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3 Responses to "Punjabi Media (Jagbani)"

Dear Harmeet,
Like you i also felt bad when i saw this.
But the question arises who rules or owns this Media ? Definitely Capitalists. So this deteriorating and decaying structure or framework of Capitalists media can just give this rubbish and garbage material. This is what provided to us to boost up our knowledge. Today almost all Punjabi Songs are Anti Women and based on caste-ism and regional discrimination. These are provided for our entertainment. Movies, T.V. Serials are also playing a great role in ruining the mentality of our people. It’s very very difficult to find anything that is progressive, rational and favoring common people. So we can guess that in such situation how difficult it is, to bring awareness among common people. So it is mandatory for all progressive and fair minded people to oppose and criticize all this irrational things at the earliest.

Well said Rupinder. Nice Thoughts.

hello harmeet . i checked your website quite after long time . you have become very professional and mature in raising issues that touches heart. bravo brother. keep it up . but also post something in punjabi because everybody uses English even in punjabi websites . so better spend some more time and write in punjabi so that we can say with proud , we are punjabi . i m also working on one website that is dedicated to our city moga . hope will publish it soon . bye . see u

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